Lives and works in Lisbon
Trianons, (Trianons) 2012 Metal structures with plastic tapes 324 cm x 324 cm x 324 cm (2x)
The artist works on themes and forms that use the strategies of a consumer-driven society both to praise and to question. Generally, the artist uses materials or objects from mass productions that can easily be identified in such a way as to mimic completely different shapes, which however can still be recognised. This guessing game goes hand in hand with the excess of colours and scale that adds to the spectacular effects of her pieces.
In the works presented as part of a series originally exhibited at the Museum of Serralves in 1996, the play is much more subtle. The title attempts to evoke the construction of small summer pavilions for the upper aristocracy in a public park of nowadays. The artist is thus able to separate two historical times (before the French Revolution and the current democracy). She goes back and forth between two types of use (one that implied social exclusion and one that lives on the democratization of tools) and between two types of design and construction (one involving fragility and preciousness and another that lives off of simplification and the masses).