sem título

JOSÉ PEDRO CROFT – Porto, 1957
Lives and works in Lisbon
S/Titulo (No title) 2012
Iron and polished steel 600 cm x 100 cm (x4)
The artist works on themes and forms in such a way as to allow his pieces to exist in a permanent relationship of transformation with the surrounding space, be it architectonic or natural.
In this piece, four huge steel mirrors greatly expand the space in which they find themselves and capture and reflect images of the landscape and its inhabitants. They experience nature and its biological rhythm over the year, as well as the citizens and their random movement. These mirrors unexpectedly bond with the space that is both behind and before us, in a constant attempt to try and fix the never-ending changing nature of things. The mirrors turn the garden into a stage and its users into actors of an improvised piece, composed with freedom of text and of staging, thus clearly representing a glorification of freedom.