sobre a floresta

ALBERTO CARNEIRO – Coronado, 1937
Lives and works in Oporto
“Sobre a floresta” (“Over the forest”), 2012
33 vertical elements in granite and bronze. 33 granite stones engraved with words. Height of the vertical elements: 350 cm. Diameter including the pieces: 600 cm
The artist works on themes, which are rooted in ancestral methods of representation, be they from the West or the East. His choice of materials and his definition and articulation of shapes deepen the syncretic relationship between nature, culture, thought and action. This piece is inspired on the mandala, one of the most recurrent and symbolic figures of the artist’s work. All elements are arranged symmetrically in concentric circles and rays in order to express basic realities about the world, which are then inscribed into the granite stones as words and aphorisms, such as art, life, water, air, fire and earth, or stand as columns crowned with twigs or branches. The cardinal points, north, south, east and west, form the discourse and central importance of the piece and transmit a universal energy.