concrete poem

Lives and works in Lisbon ”Concrete Poem”, 2012
Beams of white concrete with stainless steel parts Arranged in a space of 120 cm x 1000 cm x 1500 cm
The artist works on poetic themes rooted in an ecological approach to the world whilst maintaining a dialogue with parallel arts subjects such as literature, design and architecture. The large sculpture melts with the surrounding garden and is intentionally easily confused with an every day piece of furniture; it is a set of banks, which can call upon the visitor to rest or to do exercise. It creates a space for playing and is both concrete and poetic at the same time: we can occupy the space physically or simply admire its visual richness. Additionally, we can take note of the coincidences the name alludes to. “Placing concrete” is not only a statement, but also denotes the material which makes up the piece (concrete = cement)