casa quadrada com árvore dentro

CARLOS NOGUEIRA – Mozambique, 1947 L
ives and works in Oeiras
“Casa quadrada com árvore dentro” (Square house with tree inside), 2012
White concrete Square of 300 cm
The artist’s work is based on several themes and forms rooted in the ancestral and ritual memories of human culture. In this piece, the artist develops one of his favourite models: the house. The starting point is one of humankind’s simplest forms of shelter (the box), but the artist ends up undermining that simplicity by introducing every-day subjects that are nonetheless scholarly in nature. The house stands on pillars and rises into the air, reminding us of the floods of the Tagus River and the neighbouring communities that live in houses on stilts. The absence of a roof and the fact that a tree grows inside and above the house, reminds us of the inevitable ruin of all things whilst stressing the power of nature over human constructions.