casa no céu

XANA – Lisbon, 1959
Lives and works in Lagos
Casa no céu (House in the sky)
Industrial plastic boxes 657 cm x 900 cm x 640 cm
The artist works on themes and forms that use consumer-driven society’s strategies and popular entertainment to exalt the playful values of industrial production, and yet to question its trivialisation. To do this, the artist puts into use objects of mass production which have been manufactured with cheap materials, and which are particularly excessive in their use of colour. There is light sense of play, but there is also a feeling of critical and intellectual analysis.
In this piece an unexpected object turns into material for a sculpture: industrial storage boxes are used as bricks, which the artist uses to build a pre-fabricated house. On the one hand, this could imply that the maquette or model is a solution for cheap housing, on the other hand, by being placed in a public garden, it takes on the dimension of being fun and free from social concerns.